Vojtech Kovarik


AGE : 26
PHILOSOPHY : wildlife
TOOLS : brushes

Christophe Berlet


AGE: 37
PHILOSOPHY: handmade
TOOLS: photo and video


Christophe Berlet is a Franco-Thaï photographer born in in parisian surburb in 1980. He started photography at the age of 15.
Very young he traveled alone in India and Mongolia wher he crossed the country by horse.Photography became a companion and a way to connect with people.
After a couple of years in a grapghic design school ESAG penninghen he decided to dedicate himself to phototography. After assiting photographer as Craig Mc Dean and Mario Sorrenti he beacame a fashion and commercial photographer sensitive to the link between art and fashion. He works for brand like Louis Vuitton (landscapes and film) and Lacoste (look book, advertising campaign, sport). Meanwhile he kept traveling for long period of time and working on his personal photography.
His work is spontaneous and raw. A dialectic between the real ( more or less desolated and hostile) and utopia ( ideal or idealized).

Micky Clément


AGE: 36
PHILOSOPHY: “How can we live without the unknown in front of us?”, René Char
TOOLS: Mac, GH2, feather duster
LIKES: marmalade Pim’s biscuits and epiphany cake


In Micky’s world, two universes collide and mix, both opposite and complementary. On one hand, our retina is wrapped by the downy grain of its lunar landscapes; and at the same time, a sharp edge stands out in a hyper-clean geometry. Floating portraits or angular landscapes sculpted by the light, softness and violence at the same time in our eyes.

His 3rd solo show exhibition, SUPERVOID, will be held at the Galerie Derouillon from October 10th to November 14th, 2015 and will drag you to infinity… and beyond.

His 3rd solo show, WAITING PERIOD, will be held at the Galerie Derouillon from January 13th to February 16th, 2016 and will immerse you in a twilight and Lynchian scenery…


Fabien Boitard


BIRTH: 1973
PHILOSOPHY: Critique of Aesthetic Judgment, E. Kant
TOOLS: it takes all kinds to make my world
LIKES: endive with ham


Fabien Boitard’s painting is all about the struggle.

In the form, opposite styles combine all painting’s states: precise drawing bullied by rough spray, clear subject  swallowed by blurred one, vivid colors annoyed by black and white, flat surfaces thwarted by textures…

Opposition carries on in the substance: a little house on a burned prairie ; a multicolored cloud crying long dirty tears ; bucolic forests hiding bloody hunting parties or burning tents.

Fabien assaults to our world could be a way to prevent it from flatness.

His next solo show, En attendant les choses graves, will be held at Galerie Derouillon from April 8th to may 14th, 2016.

Nils Guadagnin


AGE: 30
PHILOSOPHY: nothing is impossible
TOOLS: always new
LIKES: imagination

Nils Guadagnin is interested in the limits of perception between material and immaterial. He questions the laws of rationality in an open research on the elusive concept of infinity. Playing with gravity laws, he attempts to thwart their characteristics to a dimension without any physical constraint. In his drawings just like in his sculptures, combining materials such as metal, gold leaves, volcanic rock, fluorescent tubes… he mobilizes the visitors’ senses, inviting him to consider the possibility of the impalpable, the illimited.

His next exhibition, SUPERVOID, will be held at the Galerie Derouillon from October 10th to November 14th, 2015 and will drag you to infinity… and beyond.

Vesna Vuckovitch


AGE: uncertain
PHILOSOPHY: “Words are empty but painting leaves a mark”
(Chinese proverb)
TOOLS: pencils. Sometimes, a camera. And some day paint, perhaps
LIKES: difference


A hyper-realistic pencil haze mixed with obscure “scribbles” tinged with nostalgia. The eye with the sharp iris and the dead bird welcome us: welcome to a poetic and subtly troubling world.

David Porchy


AGE: 33
PHILOSOPHY: the more you have, the more you want
TOOLS: HB, 4B, 8B…
LIKES: first times


Visual racket, photographical magma, David Porchy plays the part of a director who draws from our gigantic library of images, classifies, selects then organizes, recomposes and combines these heterogeneous elements in order to provoke clashes. A hybrid world emerges, visual syncretism looking to show how complex reality is.

Suzie Q + Leo Siboni


AGE: 27 + 27
PHILOSOPHY: samurai sauce
TOOLS: flash meter
LIKES: to see


In Suzie and Léo’s work, every image hides a story, has its own life whose storyline unfolds at the very moment when you lay eyes on it.

This world, sometimes translucent, smoky, blurred, troubling, off the wall, sophisticated or bizarre… Is it real life? Definitely not! – And this is precisely what enthralls us…

Miguel-Angel Molina/MAM


AGE: 48
PHILOSOPHY: wonderment
TOOLS: the experience of things
LIKES: almost everything

spanish gallery

Miguel-Angel Molina was born in 1963 in Madrid, he lives and works in Paris since 1990.
“Painting helps me to think and not to think. To me, there is an essential evidence in painting. A bit of pigment, a bit of conditioner, a bit of binder, I stir in all of this with the brush, just like chocolate, sometimes the cocoa does not dissolve properly… Sometimes the colors don’t come out the way I want on the first try: maybe with a tiny bit of cadmium yellow… Or: this, plus this, plus this equals… When paint drops on the floor, it becomes a puddle, this is obvious. If I put too much paint on the wall, it drips, this is also obvious. I see it when I work. The paint is a skin that covers things. When I paint, I work on a live slimy body. There, something happens. I have control and I don’t have control. There is one moment. After that, it’s too late, the paint takes its place, it is fixed, it dries from the outside to the inside, its surface becomes hard. I am looking for a point where painting is not necessarily an image. My goal is not painting, but understanding.” Miguel-Angel Molina



AGE: 33
PHILOSOPHY: drive slower, you could run over Roland Barthes
TOOLS: my eyes
LIKES: “For you to actually like something, it has to be a long time since you saw it and heard it, you bunch of idiots.” Francis Picabia


After 10 years of good and faithful service to the English crown, Babette Pauthier comes back to Paris and honors us with a collaboration with the magazine Be. Her work is just like her: punky, modern, different. We particularly like: her ghostly videos for Alexander McQueen.