Atelier Berthelot


The Atelier Berthelot is a little workshop located in the Ain department which designs, creates and renovates stained-glass windows. How could we create the visual identity of a workshop specialized in a very specific art settled in history and heritage? We needed to be contemporary while respecting the spirit of this subtle savoir-faire.
We chose a simple but sophisticated logo: letters, composed of a multitude of white pieces, which evoke the structure of stained-glass windows. They lie on a purple diamond, a color evoking the evening light and backlight, according to the 19th century poets and painters.



développement : 46cl
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Our idea was to present the Atelier through the evocation of its core business: stained glass, its transparency and richness of colors bathed in day light.

Therefore, the frame around the images evoques the mesh of lead used to set the glass pieces.

The menu, designed to be a contemplative pause, shows a subtly color-changing background, like stained glass colours varying in the sun light.