Development: agency b
photographs: Sarah Gruson
text: Gilles Marchand

Visit the site caleson-prod.com

Caleson is a studio his placed in the center of Paris in the prestigious references but in the a little old-fashioned site.
The ambition of the revision: communicate the expertise and the creativity of the studio.

We opted for a very sober model emphasizing the references of the studio, counterbalanced by a surprising, pop and sharp iconography to illustrate the enthusiasm of the studio.

CaleSon Lab is before any a laboratory of expertise. A place where we explore the trends(tendencies), where we observe and where we scrutinize the contemporary musical main trunk roads. It is about a real shop window(showcase) of the advertising sound landscape. To illustrate him(it) we have create unpredictable waves, colored graphic tablecloths suggesting in to make discoveries.

We chose the concept of craftsmen of the sound which we developed on all the iconography of the studio. No portraits of the merry soundtrack to present the members of equip but with photos of the expert hands.

The studio is a well tidied up workshop where tools have a place of honor: musical instruments, mixing desks, helmets, microphones, cables, encircled in center of every image.

A library classified by theme with their 300 pieces, they dreamed about it. Here it is!