Aristide CAT HOTEL




web development : 46cl (HTML/CSS/JS avec Mayocat Shop)
illustrations : Amandine Ham
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Creating the website of a hotel for cats in Paris… our whiskers wagged before we scratched the back of our ears to think about the right way to do it.
First thing: giving the website an educational dimension and reassuring the cats’ owners (often suspicious, just like their little companions) by explaining precisely what this idea, apparently bizarre, is about via specific tabs: illustrated description of the typical day of a guest, accounts of customers, veterinary recommendations, press coverage…
Second thing: create a tailor-made reservation management module to enable online reservation.
Let’s add a particularly paw-lished art direction, Amandine Ham’s purr-fect illustrations. All of this with responsive design… Impossible to get grumpy at Aristide’s.


Before the hotel Aristide saw the light, Gauthier, the creator of the hotel, entrusted us with the creation of a presentation video for the first feline hotel in Paris, realized in order to fund the project via the crowdfunding website KissKissBankBank.
A homemade production, as sweet as a salmon biscuit (our favorite).

deep voice dubbing : Anseau Delasalle
camerawoman : Émilie Voisin
editing and freshness : Marie-Aimée Rabourdin
patience and PC : Arnaud Lammens
sharp ears : Arnaud Hollard
starring : Aristide (Feline Actor Studio, Clignancourt)