art direction

Print and digital invitations for the “Tombée de métier“,
a serie of events organized by the Mobilier National.

The “Tombée de métier”corresponds to the moment when a tapestry or a carpet is cut from its support : the artist and the craftman then discover, together, the realization in its entirety.

The logo and its verticality is inspired by the narrow mesh of threads of tapestries.
Its curve evokes the moment when the work is released from its support.

We have also created a graphic system on both print and digital invitations.
For the paper invitations we use recycled cardboard, embossing and blue hot stamping.

The digital version offers for each event an original experience that allows to explore the work before its unveiling.

For Tombée de métier of the work Bey by Paola Yacoub, the experiment is based on the theme of archaeological excavations and the superposition of traces left by successive civilizations. The cursor superimposes fragments of images to invade the screen, allowing to discover the work by covering it.
Paola Yacoub, Bey


For the Tombée de métier of the work by Claude Rutault (a painting of La Dame à la Licorne blurred to the extreme), we play with a blurring cursor to unveil the image.
Claude Rutault, Sans la dame, Sans la licorne

A set of randomly shaped polygons unveils the 5 modules that served as models for the 5 geometric-inspired panels by Peter Downsbrough : ET, DE, LA, DONC, ET.
Peter Downsbrough : ET, DE, LA, DONC, ET

For the Tombée de métier of the work by Tania Mouraud : Diary, the composition of the 80 digital images that served as a model is discovered via an undulating exploration that evokes the flexibility of the tapestry soon revealed.
Tania Mouraud : Diary